Company Profile

Wellmike Industries Co., Ltd. is established in 1985 and has proven ourselves as a professional OEM/ODM manufacturer over two decades.

Wellmike based in Taiwan and owns a complete expertise service by group engineers of Industries Design, Mechanism Design and Electronic design.


After establishing ourselves, we continued to grow in our development and manufacture of a wide range of Electronics related products, especially to participate in some Cross-Industry products to gain extraordinary OEM/ODM experiences. These include Wireless Home Security System, Smart Home System, Featured Security products and all kinds of Innovative Electronics products.

To provide the most secured, robust and cost-effective products to our worldwide customers is our only mission.

Wellmike Office Factory

Taiwan Head Office


    Wellmike Taiwan Head-Office is established in 1985 and housed with Managing &Financial Dept.


  • Managing &Financial Dept.
  • R&D Dept.
  • Sales Dept.
  • ID & ME Dept.

Factory in Shenzhen, China


    Wellmike factory is located in Shenzhen, China. With over 5500 square meters production base. Equipped with completed machines, equipment and testing facilities as following:


  • SMT Line
  • 3 Meter Reflow-Oven
  • Assembly Line
  • Ultrasonic Welding Machine
  • Pad/Spray Painting Machine
  • Auto Painting System
  • Injection Machine
  • ESD Room
  • Sound Test Room
  • Quality Control
  • Environments Testing
  • Rosh Laser Testing
  • Audio Frequency Room
  • Silkscreen Painting

Why Wellmike?

Strong R&D – Completed line of ID, ME & EE support team to make our R&D ability strong and reliable.

Experiences – We have privilege to work with world famous branding customers (ex. GE, Panasonic, Maxell..etc. ). These precious experiences force us to improve and keep us advanced

Integration – One of our expertise is to integrate available technologies to develop a brand new products

Excellent Quality – After over 20 years of manufacturing experiences, Wellmike is proud of supplying high quality products to our customers. Wining “The Best Supplier of the Year” from Panasonic Japan is a proof to our good quality.